Should I Save for my Child’s Education?

If you have children then you may consider whether you should be saving up for their education. Some people might think that they do not need to worry as education is free and so it will all be fine. However, there are costs of education and it is worth being aware of them and then deciding whether you should consider saving up for them.

School Uniform

School uniform can actually be very expensive. In primary school it tends to be cheaper as there are usually just a few items to buy. However, in secondary school the uniform is much more expensive as there are so many more things that need buying such as a blazer, PE kit and possibly even regulation bags and shoes. The costs of these can really add up. If you have a really low income you can get vouchers towards the cost of a school uniform for secondary school age children which could help. You may also find that there is a second hand uniform rail in the school form which you can select items. However, you can not rely on this as you will not know whether there will be items in the correct sizes for you. You will also need to buy shoes, trainers and football boots as well as possibly sports equipment as well which will add up. It can be particularly expensive when the child starts a new school as everything will need to be bought at once.


There are some people that feel that it is up to school to provide all of the books and equipment that a child needs. Unfortunately, the schools cannot afford to do this and so it means that parents will often have to provide them. They may not have to provide every book but they will probably have to buy some. Also the child may need extra help, such as needing revise guides and things like that, which schools cannot provide for every child. You may even need a tutor for them if they are struggling a lot or if you want them to do really well and so it is worth considering the cost of this as well.

School trips can be a huge unexpected cost when added up throughout the year.

School Trips

There will be trips while the child is at school. Often paying for the educational trips can be optional because the school will pay for those that cannot afford it because they will benefit. However, there may be fun trips that they want to go on that they do not want to miss out on and there may also be field trips and things like that which have to be done.


It is possible that parents will need to pay for transport to school. This can be quite costly depending on how far away they live from the school and how much the transport is. It could be that the parent will drive the child but that will still cost petrol.


If the child wants to go to university then there will be costs here. Although they will be able to get a loan even with no guarantor, this is not usually enough to cover everything that they need. The least well-off households will be entitled to the full amount but better off households will need to pay and they will need to find the money in order to do this. Even with a full loan and possibly a grant as well, the child may need some extra financial help and parents might be expected to help with this.

So, there are a lot of potential costs even if you do not pay for your child’s schooling. This means that it could certainly be well worth saving up some money towards this as you may find it difficult otherwise, to manage the costs when you need to.

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