One Act Festival 2016




LOST Theatre Company is proud to present its 32nd One Act Festival. This annual event gives the UK’s hottest new writing and directing talent the chance to air their work at one of London’s best Fringe venues.

Over 5 nights we want to showcase a diverse and stimulating range of shows from some of the country’s best writers and directors.

What makes our Festival so special? Well, at the end of each evening the performers will receive an instant live critique from our Festival Adjudicator as well as a written review.

Over the years the Festival has had many highlights - performances by Ralph Fiennes and a young Mackenzie Crook, and success for its winning writers, including many who have gone on to have their work recorded by the BBC.

This year we will be offering two cash prizes of £200 for the best two shows.


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Previous Winners

One Act 2015 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

No Place Like Hope by Callum McGowan

Back Seat Betty by Joshua Val Martin

One Act 2014 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

By Virtue Fall by Victoria Gimby
What If by Jennifer Sarah Dean

One Act 2013 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor
Why I Don’t Like The Sea by Simon Longman
Rubber Dinghy by Kelvin Fawdrey

One Act 2012 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best Direction (under 27 old age): All Those Wrong Places – Directed by Jessica Edwards
Best New Writing (under 27 old age): Made up – Written by Zoe Thomas-Webb
Best Cast (under 27 old age): Gabrielle's Kitchen – Performed by Holly Elmes

One Act 2011 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best Direction (under 27 old age): Almost 1 million – Directed by Jenny Parsons
Best New Writing (under 27 old age): Suffer the Little Children – Written by Jamie Chandler
Best Cast (under 27 old age): The Winning Crowd – The National Arts Service

Adjudicators Special Commendations:
Conversations with Love – Ann Akin
The Spiral Down by Jermaine Barton

One Act 2010 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Guest Presenters – Alun Armstrong, Dennis Kelly, Ralph Fiennes
Best Direction: Martinis and Midnight directed by Alice Cooper
Best New Writing: Catch written by Emma Jowett
Best Overall Production: Selling Clive

One Act 2009 - Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best New Writing: Anna Jordan for ‘Just For Fun – Totally Random’
Best Direction: Benet Catty for ‘Tabooed’ by Katty Pearce
Best Overall Production: ‘Monday’ by Gloria Williams

Adjudicators Special Award – ‘Barren’ by Cassie Vallance & Gus Gowland

One Act 2008 - Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Guest Presenter – Steven Berkoff
Best New Writing: ‘All Talk’ by Benet Catty
Best Direction: ‘The Big Ending’ Directed by Tammy Mendelson
Best Overall Play: ‘Angel’ by Matt Grinter and Directed by George Turvey

Adjudicators Special Award for Outstanding Performance: ‘Blind Spots’ Written, Directed & Performed by Robert Crighton

One Act 2007 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Guest Presenter – Alison Steadman
Best Direction: A Woman Uncertain Age – Mark O’Grady
Best Overall Play: Henna Night – Directed by Kevin O’Sullivan
Best New Writing: Teaching Gods – Written by Robert Crighton

One Act 2006 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Siren Song of Stephen J. Gould – Directed by Emma Serlin
Best Overall Play: Fantasy Terrorist League – Written & Performed by Robert Crighton
Best New Writing: Brief as Women’s Love – Written by Darren Munn

One Act 2005 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Two Way Mirror – Directed by Mike Miller
Best Overall Play: Mad Margaret’s Revenge – Written by Lesley Ross
Best New Writing: All Talk – Written by Benet Catty

Adjudicators Special Award – 4th Photo by Jenny Ayres & Glimpse of the Invisible

One Act 2004 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Surgeon & the Nurse – Directed by David Dorrian
Best Overall Play: Catching Dust – by Tangled Feet Productions
Best New Writing: Madam Butterfly’s Child – Written by Lesley Ross

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