The 33rd Annual One Act Festival

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Previous Winners

One Act 2016 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

Bit of Sunshine by Nicole Zweiback

Birth by Roger Goldsmith

One Act 2015 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

No Place Like Hope by Callum McGowan

Back Seat Betty by Joshua Val Martin

One Act 2014 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

By Virtue Fall by Victoria Gimby
What If by Jennifer Sarah Dean

One Act 2013 – Adjudicator Paul Vale

Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor
Why I Don’t Like The Sea by Simon Longman
Rubber Dinghy by Kelvin Fawdrey

One Act 2012 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best Direction (under 27 old age): All Those Wrong Places – Directed by Jessica Edwards
Best New Writing (under 27 old age): Made up – Written by Zoe Thomas-Webb
Best Cast (under 27 old age): Gabrielle's Kitchen – Performed by Holly Elmes

One Act 2011 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best Direction (under 27 old age): Almost 1 million – Directed by Jenny Parsons
Best New Writing (under 27 old age): Suffer the Little Children – Written by Jamie Chandler
Best Cast (under 27 old age): The Winning Crowd – The National Arts Service

Adjudicators Special Commendations:
Conversations with Love – Ann Akin
The Spiral Down by Jermaine Barton

One Act 2010 – Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Guest Presenters – Alun Armstrong, Dennis Kelly, Ralph Fiennes
Best Direction: Martinis and Midnight directed by Alice Cooper
Best New Writing: Catch written by Emma Jowett
Best Overall Production: Selling Clive

One Act 2009 - Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Best New Writing: Anna Jordan for ‘Just For Fun – Totally Random’
Best Direction: Benet Catty for ‘Tabooed’ by Katty Pearce
Best Overall Production: ‘Monday’ by Gloria Williams

Adjudicators Special Award – ‘Barren’ by Cassie Vallance & Gus Gowland

One Act 2008 - Adjudicator Jeremy Kingston

Guest Presenter – Steven Berkoff
Best New Writing: ‘All Talk’ by Benet Catty
Best Direction: ‘The Big Ending’ Directed by Tammy Mendelson
Best Overall Play: ‘Angel’ by Matt Grinter and Directed by George Turvey

Adjudicators Special Award for Outstanding Performance: ‘Blind Spots’ Written, Directed & Performed by Robert Crighton

One Act 2007 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Guest Presenter – Alison Steadman
Best Direction: A Woman Uncertain Age – Mark O’Grady
Best Overall Play: Henna Night – Directed by Kevin O’Sullivan
Best New Writing: Teaching Gods – Written by Robert Crighton

One Act 2006 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Siren Song of Stephen J. Gould – Directed by Emma Serlin
Best Overall Play: Fantasy Terrorist League – Written & Performed by Robert Crighton
Best New Writing: Brief as Women’s Love – Written by Darren Munn

One Act 2005 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Two Way Mirror – Directed by Mike Miller
Best Overall Play: Mad Margaret’s Revenge – Written by Lesley Ross
Best New Writing: All Talk – Written by Benet Catty

Adjudicators Special Award – 4th Photo by Jenny Ayres & Glimpse of the Invisible

One Act 2004 - Adjudicator Adrian Brown

Best Direction: Surgeon & the Nurse – Directed by David Dorrian
Best Overall Play: Catching Dust – by Tangled Feet Productions
Best New Writing: Madam Butterfly’s Child – Written by Lesley Ross

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