How to Get an Income Without Working Hard

It can sometimes seem that we have to work really hard if we want to just get a small income. This means that we will often feel that this is unfair and that we want to get an income without having to work so hard. There are ways of getting money without working, and it is good to have a think about whether you could do any of these things.


If you have savings then you will earn interest on these and this could be paid to you as income. Normally the interest will be added on to the account and then you will get paid interest on that interest next time you get a payment. This is called compound interest and it is a good way to increase your savings. However, if you want an income from the money then you will need to draw out the interest each time it is paid. There are some savings accounts which will pay the interest into a different account and these are specifically designed to pay interest as an income. Of course, you need to have a big chunk of money in order to be able to get a decent income, but if you start saving up, you never know how much you will get and it could be possible to get a big enough chunk of money to live off or to reduce your working hours depending on how much interest you can get. If interest rates are low then you will get far less back than if they are high. This means that not only can it be important to do it at the right time when the base rates are high but also check to make sure that the account that you choose is competitive and has good rates.


An investment can often bring about a better return than savings which is why people use them as they can be better at generating an income. However, there are risks with investments and this can put some people off as well. It is often the case that investing in shares will bring about a return of around 8-12% which is a lot more than a savings account which at present is around 0.1-2%. However, there is a risk with the shares because the value of the shares will go down as well as up. If you leave your money in for a very short time, then the fluctuations in the stock market could mean that when you take the money out it is worth less. However, if you pick a good time to invest and the right place to invest in you will get dividends regularly which will help increase your income and the shares will also increase in value for when you need to sell them.

Some people choose to buy a property and then they will get income from renting it out. This sounds easy, but actually there might be quite a bit to manage with this. You will need to find the tenants, unless you use a letting agent who will take a cut of the rent and you have pay for special checks on the house, decorating it and paying for any repairs. These costs can add up but also will be work that you will have to do so you will not be completely free of work to earn the money that you are getting.


If you do not work then you might be able to get benefits from the government. This will mean that you can get money without actually working for it. This is not an option for everyone as some people would much rather be earning money than having a hand out. There are also limitations on what you can get and you normally have to show evidence that you are actively seeking work which means that you will have to be doing something to get the money.

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