We want to be able to help as many people as possible to improve their financial situation. One way that we thought would be useful would be to put together this website to help. We have collected together information that we think will help lots of people using writers who are experienced in finance. However, we want to make sure that the information is easy to understand so that it is accessible by everyone. We know that it can feel daunting and so we want to make things really simple and therefore have kept it basic. We do not want to patronise people but we do realise that most of us had no financial education at school and therefore we find it hard to even understand the basics. Many of us will just muddle through and do what we think is best and may not even realise that there are other ways of doing things which might benefit us more. We could just be able to make a few small changes which could have a really big impact on our money and so we hope that by putting information out there we can help people to make the changes that will have a significant impact on them, their money and their happiness.